February 16, 2009


Outside my window… The crane has come to visit!  Our neighbors have a pond on their property, just behind our house, and every now and then we have a huge, beautiful crane who comes to fish in it.  Oh, how I wish I had my camera!  The girls have asked if we can catch it, and keep it for a pet.  They say we can keep it in the computer room and when it poops in the floor, I can just go in there and wipe it up.  Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea?  🙂

I am thinking… For the past few days I’ve been thinking and praying mostly about a bad situation regarding my camera.  As it turns out, this company we purchased our camera from is not an authorized Nikon dealer and has a very bad reputation.  I wish I’d thought to research this company before we bought from them, but I didn’t understand enough about it at the time. Today, I’ll be calling the company to have them cancel the order, and from what I’ve heard from others about this company, their customer service leaves much to be desired. I mostly feel hurt that someone has tried to take advantage of us… the salesperson I spoke with was very rude and very pushy and from what I’ve read, this company doesn’t take it well when someone cancels an order (not to mention there is a $150 “restocking” fee.)  I’m not worried about it, I truly feel that God has His hand in the situation, I’m just saddened by the fact that people would try to hurt others in this way and I”m praying about what to say to them when I call.  My husband and I have decided that I will handle the first phone call (as it would be difficult for him to call from work), but that if he is rude or hurtful to me, I’m to hang up and contact my husband who will take care of things from there.  If you think of it, or feel led to do so, I would appreciate your prayers for Monday’s phone call.

I am thankful… that God is my refuge and my strength.  I am thankful that the things that are important to me are important to Him.  “He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler … You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot … He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him” (Proverbs 91).

From the kitchen… I’m really proud of how our menu plan has turned out.  We’ve cooked everything we were supposed to cook, the kids have loved the things we’ve made, and we’re not wasting our grocery money.  Today is macaroni casserole.  Nothing fancy, but from the looks of the recipe, I think it will taste good!

I am readingCan’t You Talk Louder, God? By Steve Shultz

I am praying… about the phone call to the Nikon seller.  Specifically, that I will be able to deal with this company without incident, that they will give me all the information needed to return the camera to them, and that they will give me a full refund on our money.

I am hearing… The children playing sweetly.

Around the house… Laundry, always laundry!  🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week… I’m hoping to go and visit a friend later on this week, and possibly go to my Dad’s house. I really need to get to the library as well, but at the same time I’m considering going on a book fast, like my friend Erika did, when she determined not to read anything but the Bible.  It would do me a lot of good, I know, especially as I’ve been lax about reading the bible each day.

Here is picture thought I am sharing… Coming Soon!  Not as soon as I’d originally hoped, but soon nonetheless!  🙂

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4 Responses to February 16, 2009

  1. Erika says:

    I hope your dealings with the camera people went, and continue to go smoothly. I’ll be praying for you for calmness and peace about the whole situation, and that everything works out for the better.

    The book fast was harder than I thought it was. I guess I didn’t realize how often I pick up a book and just read a couple of pages. Even when hubby and I sit and watch tv, I’m in the book during the commercials. I’m still mostly fasting, but I do allow myself to read one book one night a week while DD is at dance class- there’s only so many things one can do while sitting and waiting for two hours. Overall though, it’s been so much more rewarding than I thought possible. Our intial fast was just for ten days, and I was looking forward to that eleventh day with relish, admittedly. Except that when it came time to grab a book, I paused, looked at my Bible, and grabbed it instead.

    • Rina says:

      Erika, I’m writing a post now about my dealings with the camera people… it went GREAT!!! Thank you for your prayers.
      Maybe I’ll start like you did with a ten day fast, and then see how it goes. I’m like you… I read ALL the time. “Fasting” books even just for ten days would be a challenge!

  2. Glad things are going so much better with the camera situation. Hope you get a good camera soon. I am thankful for prayer!

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