February 22, 2009

Since I have finally gotten my camera, I thought it would be fun to do today’s daybook entry in pictures!

Outside my window…

The neighbors horse

The neighbors horse

I am thankful for…


My camera!

From the learning rooms…

Craft projects

Craft projects

I am creating…



I am reading…

I still haven't finished it!

I still haven't finished it!

Around the house…

When Bitty feeds the cat

When Bitty feeds the cat

A few of my favorite things…


A few plans for the rest of the week…




Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Bitty - aka Fearless

Bitty - aka Fearless

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31 Responses to February 22, 2009

  1. I just love your picture daybook. How fun!

    • Rina says:

      Thank you all for the compliments on my pictures… I’m desperately trying to learn how to use this camera, and having lots of fun doing so! 🙂
      Anni, no broken legs but the floor is a little worse for wear. 😉
      Thanks, Missus Wookie! She’s a big dog, so giving her a bath is quite an ordeal!

  2. Hootin' Anni says:

    Oh my gosh…love all the photos, but I sure hope she didn’t break an ankle with that daring jump!!!

    My Daybook is posted for today, won’t you join me? Click Here

  3. I loved this entry of pictures! Enjoy your camera – you take great pictures. The one with your daughter flying off the bunk bed is a keeper!


  4. What a great collection of photos and I love that you’ve caught her mid flight. Good luck with the dog bath…

  5. Joan says:

    What a fantastic photo-journal of your thoughts today. The horse is a incrediable tower of strength and I love the picture of your little girl trying to fly.

  6. Andrea says:

    Beautiful first photos Rina! I love the way you created a picture diary entry, the photos told the stories. Love it. Keep up the good work… you’ve got the creative eye. Sorry, I haven’t been able to write back much, I will soon. All the best!

    • Rina says:

      Thanks for visiting, Andrea, and thanks for commenting on the pictures. I consider you my artistic advisor, so I’m glad to have your opinion! 🙂 I am having SO MUCH fun with this… it’s been years since I’ve done anything even remotely related to art – getting out all the paint supplies just hasn’t been worth it lately, I don’t really have time for it. But photography is perfect for this stage of my life, and I get to capture my very favorite people!

  7. Jerri says:

    Your pictures are so awesome! I especially love the one of your daughter flying through the air.

    I bet you’ve inspired more people to use their cameras. I know I’m going to use mine more often.

  8. Paizlee says:

    This is a FABULOUS daybook. I LOVE it!! I may do one like this someday. :o) Thanks for being so creative!

  9. Karinann says:

    I love the picture approach to the daybook- very refreshing. Hope Miss fearless had a smooth landing.

  10. Sarah D. says:

    I’ve visited your blog a few times now. Can’t remember if I’ve ever posted. Just wanted to let you know that I love all the pictures. =) Congratulations on your new camera!

  11. motherhen68 says:


    Those photos are great! Are you sure you’ve never used a SLR before?? 🙂

    My favorites are the horse and your dd jumping off the bed. Did you have the flash on when she jumped? Did you have it on sports setting?

    I don’t think you really are a beginner (j/k). Your photos are great.

  12. motherhen68 says:

    Oh, and I’m thinking a daybook in photos is a great idea. I may do that next week. Wouldn’t it be fun if a large group of the daybookers did that all in one week?

    • Rina says:

      Motherhen, that is a great idea! I wonder if we should submit that idea to the Daybook site manager – maybe she could pick a day for all of us to do that. I’ve definitely never used an SLR before. If you think these are even remotely good, you should see the two-hudred-and-sixty-eight of them that I deleted! 🙂 I don’t remember if I had the flash on when my daughter was jumping, but I do know that I had it on manual setting. My “homework” for this week has been to keep the camera in manual setting. Quite a challenge! 🙂
      Sarah, thank you for making a comment! I look forward to hearing more from you (hint, hint!)
      Thank you, Karinann. She had several smooth landings before it was all over with. It was her OLDER sisters who were hesitant about taking the leap!
      Paizlee, do you have a site? I always enjoy looking at other people’s blogs, but didn’t see a URL with your comment?
      Jerri, maybe we can all do picture daybooks some time!
      Mrs. P – thank you!

  13. Mrs. Parunak says:

    What a fun daybook. I loved the picture of the horse. It sure is a blessing to be able to see that out your front door. Nice job on all your pictures. I’m working on an e-mail for you, too. 🙂

  14. Lelir says:

    Hello Rina,
    it’s my first time commenting here, but I’m an affectionate reader of this blog.
    Although I don’t share your faith – I’m an atheist and hope I’m not offending you – I admire greatly your strenght and way of life. You remind me of a sweet friend of mine, who’s always busy with her three children and always trying to be a true christian 🙂

    The pictures you posted are so good that I can barely believe you are a beginner! Those kind of cameras are a bit hard to learn to use, but from my father’s experience (he’s recently bought a similar one and felt somewhat overwhelmed by its many functions) I can assure you that it is possible to learn in a short time to take beautiful pictures of the beauty surrounding you 😉

    Have a good week!

    • Rina says:

      Lelir, thanks for the encouragement regarding the camera! And please rest assured that you haven’t offended me at all. If anything, I’m thankful that you enjoy reading my blog. I was also once an athiest and I detested anything even remotely Christian. It’s a tremendous compliment to me that you aren’t “put off” by my blog, especially as I write on some pretty controversial issues. Although we have differing faiths, I consider it a testimony to God’s grace in my life, especially my life as a writer, that you can enjoy this site. There was a time in the past when, had I maintained a blog then, I would have run off fellow Christians, let alone athiests! 🙂 I hope you will continue to come back and I hope that we will get to know each other better in the days (months?) to come.

  15. Judy says:

    LOVED your photo daybook!! What a fantastic idea. You are a great photographer! Thanks for sharing. Especially loved the mid-air leap. 🙂

  16. Erika says:

    You are a natural with that camera. My favorite is the children looking out the window together- how precious!

  17. Joy in the South says:

    Very cool daybook!! Loved it!

  18. Heatherc says:

    Great pictures! I love the fearless one – we have one of those children too – no thought to the consequences! Thankfully, he also has a very high pain tolerance – didn’t even cry when he broke his arm! I enjoyed dropping by!

  19. Lelir says:

    Don’t worry, Rina, I could never be ‘put off’ by your blog, if anything, you are a big inspiration for me, while I wait and prepare to create my own family.
    I never hated christians or religious people, but I’m ready to defend my atheistic position when believers, even with their best intentions, try to evangelize me or pity me for my lack of faith.
    If your faith makes you a better person then I can only admire you for you rcoherence and perseveration, and you set for me a remarkable example 🙂
    Wish you all the best
    Elena (my real name; I’m a woman, and aspire to become soon a mother and wife).

  20. dtbrents says:

    A wonderful job, your daybook done in pictures. I enjoyed them very much. Doylene

  21. Lelir says:

    I can’t forbid you to pray for me, of course, if anything, I’m flattered by your kindness 🙂
    If I were religious, I’d be praying for you, too.
    Thanks for your kind words!

  22. Sherri says:

    Found your post on Sunday Stills….love the shot of the horse–the pose is most unusual. Beautiful animal.

  23. The horse photo is stunning!

    And YIKES on the bunkbed jumping! My daughter can’t get enough of jumping off my bed either. lol!

    Congrats on the camera!!!

    New Mexico

  24. That’s an amazing pic of the horse. I love when they’re captured in such expressive ways.

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