Trash the (Prom) Dress … Bowling Green KY Senior Photography, Bowling Green KY Senior Photographer

On the night of your prom, you looked amazing.  Your hair was styled, your makeup was flawless and your dress was stunning.  Your mom couldn’t stop smiling, your dad shed a tear, and you felt like a princess.  It was quite possibly the biggest night of your life.  Mom got a few good snapshots of you in your dress by the fireplace.  Maybe you hired a professional photographer to take a few more.  But you were crunched for time, and had to be careful not to dirty your dress.  Your pictures are lovely, but you wish you could have gotten just a few more.  On that night, when you felt more beautiful than you’ve ever felt before, you weren’t able to get more than a few snapshots to preserve your memories.  Well, here’s your chance!

From now until June 1st, we’re looking for models to participate in a special “Trash the Prom Dress” session.  Typically done with brides after the wedding, a Trash the Dress session offers a beautiful alternative for the dress after the event. Trash the Dress Sessions allow you to get stunning images of your dress without worrying about getting it dirty or wrinkled.  The session takes place in settings we wouldn’t dare take your dress on the night of the prom, doing things you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing just before the dance… splashing on a beach or running through a field of corn, climbing into trees or even playing in the mud.  Yes, you might ruin your dress, but in return you’ll have stunning images that you’ll treasure long after your dress has gone out of style.  (Just to ease your mind – we don’t actually have to ruin your dress!  The goal is to get you in some beautiful locations that you couldn’t have photograhed in on the night of your prom.  Completely ruining the dress is optional. ;))

How do you enter?  Simply email me (Rina [at] RinaMarie [dot] com)  a picture of you in your prom dress any time before June 1st and we’ll post it on the blog.  One dress will be chosen based on votes cast in the comments section (simply tell us which one you like best!) and the other will be chosen by us, based on the type of images we need for our portfolio.  The session will take place any time between June and October and in addition to the free session, the winners will also receive a $50 worth of free portraits. Below are some examples of Trash the Dress sessions.  These images were NOT taken by me (which is why we’re looking for models!), but provide examples of the kinds of portraits you’ll end up with after a Trash the Dress session.

Most prom dresses end up stuffed in a box or sold, never to be seen again. A Trash the Dress session is a beautiful, unique way for you to preserve your special memories from one of the most special nights of your life.

*The contest is now closed, but we’d love to book you for your own Trash the Prom Dress Session!!!  Email us for information!*


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