For Those Struggling to Lose Weight, I Want You to Know…

This morning, I was reading some of the sweet things people have commented or emailed about my weight loss pictures, and I was thinking about some people I know who are still struggling with their weight, with no real end in sight and feeling like they just can’t do it. And I wanted to share something with anyone who is going through that…

I want you to know that on the night when God spoke to my heart and told me that THIS time it was going to be different, and that He was giving me the power to lose the weight, one of the things I prayed for was that this would not be a victory only for ME. Anything He was going to give me, any ability He gave me, any control over my eating or motivation to exercise He was going to give me, I wanted Him to give that to everyone around me, too. In a way, I’m “asking for the nations” (Psalm 2:8) of overweight people in my life. I don’t want ONE SINGLE PERSON I know who is struggling with obesity, to remain in that struggle.

Shortly after that, when I wrote my first blog post about losing weight, someone suggested that I start a group where me and others that I know who are struggling with weight could go to encourage each other in our weight loss journey. I did, and so far EVERY SINGLE PERSON on that group has lost weight. Some have lost a lot, some have lost a little, but all of us are making progress toward our goal.

This is not because my prayers are so powerful, but because GOD is so powerful, and in His grace He has chosen to answer the prayers of His people. He has chosen to answer my prayers.

And He will continue to do so. I want you to know that if you are struggling with your weight, I am praying for you. I’m not just praying for you, I’m waging war on your behalf. And I am positive – ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE – that God will give you a victory. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I feel it with everything in me.

If you ever want to talk about it, or ask for specific prayer, please email me. And if you would like to join our weight loss group, let me know and I’ll add you.

Thank you for your kind words and your support as I continue on this journey. I love you all!


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