A Goat of Their Own

(Mom and Dad will understand that title.)  😉

This little girl’s parents are very special to us, we met Brian and Tracy several years ago at a church in Nashville.  After the service, while my husband was busy talking with a friend, Brian came to me and shared how impressed he was with our children (who had somehow managed to sit through the entire service without any major meltdowns.) As we were talking, I got the strongest feeling that we needed to get to know him and his wife better but I felt a little strange asking him for his telephone number.  As soon as the conversation was over and he turned to go, I grabbed my husband and said “you have to get his phone number!”  Jon looked at me a little funny and I had to do some quick work convincing him (I think the conversation went something like: “because God wants us to!”) and then Jon went to exchange contact information.  Afterward, I found out that while we were talking, Brian had also felt that we were supposed to know each other better, and was trying to figure out a way to ask for our telephone number without being inappropriate.  Since then, we’ve had some amazing times of prayer and fellowship together and they have become very special friends to us.  This little girl is an answer to much prayer, and she is incredibly blessed to have parents who love her and care for her as much as Brian and Tracy do.

Brian and Tracy, I’m so very happy for you!  You’re such amazing parents, and I’m thankful for the chance to share these pictures with you!

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