From 260lbs to 6.2 Miles

I don’t feel quite ready to blog about this yet, mostly because I know there are so many things I know I’m going to want to say, once I have more time between me and the event.  But the longer I wait, the less likely I ever am to blog about it and… well, I think it needs to be mentioned.  Because I reached a milestone the other day, and I know that it’s going to change me in profound ways that I’m not yet even aware of.

I mentioned before that I was planning to run a 10k in October.  I also mentioned that I didn’t feel anywhere near ready, but I was determined to do it.  I started “training” the day after I wrote that post, and that day I ran/walked two miles and it took me an hour – an hour!!! – to do so (in case you’re not a runner and don’t know, that’s a really REALLY – ridiculously – long time… old ladies at the mall can walk faster than I ran those two miles.)  My training continued to be less than stellar until I spoke with a friend who was the first to encourage me by saying that he knew I could do it… not four weeks from now, but NOW.  He said: “physically, you’re capable.  If anything keeps you from doing it, it’s going to be your mind.”

The day after we had this conversation, I went out for my run.  Normally, I would have put on my “8 weeks to 10k” mp3 program, but this time I simply wanted to run.  I didn’t want to “train,” I didn’t want to come at this with the idea that I was trying to build up to something I couldn’t yet do, I just wanted to run the best I could, as far as I could.  My absolute goal?  Run two miles without stopping (I hadn’t done that yet.)  My “if-i-really-push-it-and-I’m-feeling-good-after-two-miles” goal – run three miles without stopping.

I ended up running a 10k (6.2 miles.)

Sure, I was running like a turtle (it took me almost 2 hours) but I was running (er… jogging… ok, shuffling with a slight bounce on occasion)… but I wasn’t walking.

And now, I’m a girl who has lost 80lbs and can run a 10k.  I’m a girl who can do things.  I feel like there are so many lessons that I’m taking away from this experience, but they’re so new to me that I’m not ready to write about them yet.  The one that looms in my mind most is: what else has my head convinced my body it can’t do?

I ran that 10k not because I believed that I could, but because I stopped believing that I couldn’t.  I stopped “training” for something I thought I couldn’t do, and just RAN.

I don’t have some neat way to package that experience up into a nice lesson for my everyday life.  I don’t think I’ve even begun to understand what all of this means, and what God is doing through it.  But I do know this: I crashed through a wall on Thursday and I don’t think I’m ever going to be the same again.  I feel that, to the very tips of my toes.

I’m discovering that there is a capable and confident person inside of me, and she’s really cool.  She might be a little over-zealous, though, and over-confident of her abilities, because she’s starting to mumble things about marathons and half marathons and late at night, she’s up watching Chariots of Fire and documentaries about the Ironman.

She’s almost convinced me to go for it.  She’s at least convinced me to try, if not sign up for an actual race, although I do have one in mind.

See, there is a half marathon coming up near me in November.  If I start training for a full marathon this week, the half marathon is scheduled to be run on the EXACT DAY my training schedule would have me running a half marathon.  Coincidence?  Maybe… but why not try???

My biggest fear is that I’ll quit.  The truth is, I really don’t like running.  I can’t imagine being alone with myself for hours at a time, with nothing to occupy me except my own thoughts.  I’m not a “long walks on the beach” kinda girl… I’m a dinner and a broadway show kinda girl.  I don’t do boredom well.

Nevertheless, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve wanted something enough to FIGHT for it.  And this would be an amazing fight.  I don’t want to be the girl who weighs 260lbs and can’t walk to the mailbox and back without getting winded.  I want to be the girl who can run marathons.  I want to prove that I can do it – to myself.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting.  I’m going to be “training” for a marathon (I say that with trepidation, because it’s a very real possibility that I’m not ready to train for a full marathon yet.)  Please forgive me if this blog becomes the place where I complain about… well, running.  I’d like to use this blog as a place to keep myself accountable.  I promise I won’t just complain… I’m sure I’ll brag every once in a while, too.  🙂

On that note (the complaining and accountability note, not the bragging note), here is my schedule for this week:

Monday – 1 hour cross training (stair climber)

Tuesday – 3 mile run

Wednesday – Strength Training (P90x – legs and back)

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 6 mile run.


(Taking a deep breath)

I’ll let you know how it goes!

(Update: I DID sign up for that half marathon and I DID run it!!!  You can read about it Here)


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11 Responses to From 260lbs to 6.2 Miles

  1. Susan Warrell says:

    This is just the encouragement that I needed, Rina. I’m participating in a breast cancer walk in Washington DC TOMORROW, and it’s 60 miles over 3 days. I didn’t “train” as much as I had hoped, have some issues with my feet, and rain is in the forecast for all 3 days, so I’ve already been lining the excuses up in my head to justify taking the “sweep” van (the van that sweeps you up if you can’t make it or are injured). This was just the boost I needed to put those negative thoughts out of my head. I can do it! I might be turtle-walking, but I can make it! And you can, too! And it’s not too bad being alone with your thoughts for long periods of time! It does take some getting time getting used to – I would get bored with myself after about a minute – but then I would focus my thoughts and spend time in prayer, or just let my mind wonder and pretty soon I was enjoying myself. Best of luck and many blessings to you on your journey! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  4. Andrea says:

    Rina, this is so great! Praise the Lord! You sure are inspiring. I still have 40 pounds to lose from my last pregnancy, and I would dearly love to exercise them off. It’s hard right now because my husband is so busy with work, and we have a little nursing baby to juggle, but I know you’re a busy mama, too, so I should be able to find ways to fit it in, right?

    • Rina says:

      Andrea, to be honest, I’m able to do it because I have a husband who is home four days a week, and because I have a friend who comes over to my house once a week to watch my kids so I can run. I really don’t know how I’d be able to do it, if it weren’t for that! But I know that there are lots of great exercise DVD’s you should be able to do…. the kids might even do them with you!!!

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  8. Michelle says:

    I am so so proud of you….there’s more but I’ve told you those things already…just know I think you should listen to that “capable and confident person inside of you”…and GO…GO GO GO…Go until you feel and know you ARE that person already! This road to self-discovery feels good doesn’t it? I’m glad to be on it together. 🙂

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