How I’ve Lost the Weight

“‘What I’m hearing you say is that you’ve failed. What I’m afraid you’re beginning to think is that you should quit. There is a difference between failing and quitting. Failure isn’t a setback. QUITTING is what will destroy you. Fail all you want. But don’t quit!”

These words (which I originally wrote about here) have continued to encourage and inspire me.  They’ve been at the heart of the most important lesson I’ve learned on this weight-loss journey.  They’ve been the refrain in my head, prompting me to see every failure as temporary, every setback as transitory, every fall as a chance to get back up and start again.  So many people look at me and want to know “how I’ve done it.”  And there is no easy answer.  Prayer.  Calorie counting.  Exercise.  Divine Intervention.  But most importantly, I’ve succeeded because I’ve failed… repeatedly… but I haven’t quit.

This week has been tough.  Today, in particular, was probably the most difficult day I’ve had in my journey so far.  Today, I ate more than I have since I started this weight loss journey.  Today, I ate foods that I haven’t touched in over eight months.  Today, I engaged in behaviors that are too embarrassing for me to share in a public forum.  I wish it weren’t so embarrassing for me, because I know there are other women out there who would be blessed to know that they aren’t the only ones… even so, I’m too ashamed to share the details.

But I know that tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow, I will “take a new grip with my tired hands and stand firm on my shaky legs and mark out a straight path for my feet. (Hebrews 12:12-13.)  I will fail, but not quit.


You’re in the moment now
When all you’ve been blessed with is not enough
Here’s where the devils calls your bluff
Stay strong, you are not lost
Come on and fix your eyes ahead…
Stay strong, you and I run for the prize that lies ahead
We’ve come too far to lose our way…
Have you forgotten who you are?
Did you forgot whose trip your on?
Stay strong, you are not lost
Come on and fix your eyes ahead…


Categories: Weight Loss, Perfectionism

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