D’Clair is coming home!!!

Indecision may or may not be my problem…

I wrote to D’Clair’s owner yesterday to ask if she might be willing to trade us for a younger doe once our girls have kidded this fall.  No sooner than I wrote to her, I started having second thoughts!  For one thing, by the time any of our girls give kids we could part with, D’Clair will have been in her new home for several months and to move her again would probably be MORE stressful for her!  For another thing, it would be incredibly difficult for us to make the trip up to get her (the family who bought her lives several hours away) and I wasn’t sure my husband would think too much of us making another very long trip to pick up a goat just because I was having sellers remorse!  So I wrote her new owner back, asking her to disregard the first message, but that my offer would still stand if D’Clair had any trouble settling in, or getting along with the other goats.

This morning, I received an email from her that not only would she be willing to trade, but she would be willing to bring D’Clair all the way back to us TOMORROW!  In exchange, we’re going to give her one of D’Clair’s doelings (assuming she has any – if not, we’ll give her one from one of D’Cliar’s relatives) and a buckling from an unrelated line.  I feel so relieved and so incredibly thankful!

I know, I know, I’m crazy.  But that goat has a lot of value to both me and the kids – both sentimentally (my dad bought that goat for us, and she’s the first goat who ever kidded and the first one we ever milked!) and practically.  She’s the only goat that Bitty is able to milk (the others kick at her) and Bitty has been teaching Shmooey (and her friend Ben!) how to milk on her, too.  She’s also the perfect “practice” goat because of the fact that she gives very little milk and I don’t have to worry about little hands not quite milking her all the way out.  Besides that, I’m pretty sure her doeling, Peppy, has been stealing milk from the other goats so it will be good to get all the milk from our high producers again!  In any case, I’m going to feel so much better about the fact that she’ll get to live the rest of her life with her family – maybe I’m personifying a little too much, but at eight years old with a long history of supplying her owners with kids – she deserves to retire surrounded by her family!!!  Those were all things I didn’t think of until she was gone.  Next time, I’ll think (and pray!) before we sell another goat!!!   Lesson learned!

D’Clair is coming home!!!

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