She’s Home!!!


D’Clair is home and we are all so, so happy!  Bunchkin told me earlier that she didn’t know how she was going to stand waiting “all day” (they delivered her around 1:00 this afternoon!)… I think we all felt that way!

The family who had her is WONDERFUL.  They have been so amazing about all of this, and so understanding.  They had actually traded us for D’Clair because finances were tight, and yet they were willing to drive several hours to bring her back to us and not only brought flowers and produce from their garden, jams and preserves and fleece from their alpacas, but wouldn’t let us give them money for gas!

To be honest, I feel pretty guilty for putting them through so much trouble, and I really hope that they’ll feel it was worth it, when we’re able to send kids to them in the Spring.  In the meantime, I feel like I’ve met some incredible friends, and I’m more thankful than I can say.  (Does that seem to be a recurring theme, lately?  God has been doing so many amazing things for us, and putting so many amazing people in our lives.  It’s amazing.)

I feel very, very humbled, and so, so happy.

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