Thursday’s Thought: Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking

It didn’t really make a lot of sense, from a practical standpoint, to write the post on Tuesday about the things we’re planning to do with our farm.  It didn’t make sense because right now, we have very, very little to offer.  A few eggs here and there, some herbs every now and then, a few other paltry offerings but mostly we’re not even feeding ourselves from our farm, let alone anyone else.  Nevertheless, this is the direction we want to go in.  And so, Jon and I are asking ourselves the question: how do we do it?

Yesterday, I mentioned that we’re going to be asking for help more often, and that’s going to play a major part of all we’re hoping to do.  We simply cannot do this on our own (well, okay, I suppose we could, but we wouldn’t want to!)  But this is a difficult thing for me.  For one, we have made it our life practice never to let anyone know of our needs, if we can avoid it.  At any point, we could call any number of friends and relatives who love us and they would help us immediately – no questions asked – but we’ve been adamant that God alone know of our needs… to “move man through God by prayer alone,” as Hudson Taylor once put it.  George Mullers autobiographer once wrote:

“If few men have ever been permitted so to trace in the smallest matters God’s care over His children, it is partly because few have so completely abandoned themselves to that care”

We’ve always tried, to the best of our ability, to do just that.  No savings account, no credit cards (until, unfortunately, somewhat recently), never letting anyone know when we had a need and allowing God to provide as He sees fit, and in His timing.  And we’ve seen amazing, incredible things as a result of this.  I wrote about some of them here.  But now, we feel led to ask others for help – not because our feelings have changed regarding God’s provision, but because in the very act of asking, we’re inviting others to be a part of what we’re doing, and in the giving, those who help will also be receiving.

I watched a video the other day that illustrated this in an absolutely beautiful way.  It’s incredibly powerful… at least, it was to me, and it speaks to the heart of so many things Jon and I want to do.  I thought I’d share it with you:

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2 Responses to Thursday’s Thought: Amanda Palmer on The Art of Asking

  1. jamesramirez says:

    I should be taking a test at the moment but the school computers are down so I have the time not to sleep but read. In a country of “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” it’s hard to allow God to move us to live a way that others don’t understand. Family always seem the hardest for me. Others won’t get the chance to share if the opportunity isn’t gives. I’m a giver by nature but God has taught me to receive and I do so gratefully. God bless you and your family.

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