Our farm website, where you can view information about our goats, chickens and cow and see what we have available for sale:

Faithful With Little Farm

Photography website, for information about sessions, and a portfolio of our work:

Photography By Rina Marie

2 Responses to Websites

  1. Jane Pearl Norris says:

    Rina dear every picture that you take is what I call an art photo!I have tried to explain it to alot of people in several different countries,when trying to get a band picture made.You are an artist and my grandson looks fabulous darling.I was hoping you could make a tired old singer like me look good.I need some shots for the band ,but I will only be here another two weeks.The best time would be next week before I have surgery on my tooth and my face swells up.I am fat anyway OH MY……Iam not painting a very good picture am I?Anyway e-mail me either way please.LLLLLove your work!!!! Rachel’s mom Jane

    • Rina says:

      Jane, thank you so much for your kind words! I would absolutely LOVE to take your picture some time… I remember meeting you when I was in High School, and you were just larger than life to me! I’d love to see you again some time and it would be an honor to photograph for you.

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