Next time a thousand people visit my blog, I’ll try to write something more interesting :)

When I wrote about finishing my half-marathon yesterday, the thought crossed my mind that I wasn’t writing anything very interesting. I thought when I crossed that finish line, there would be this amazing “ah-ha” moment, and my life would be more meaningful, somehow, my vision would be more clear and everything would somehow just “fall into place.”  Instead, it was just a wonderful, fun, day that has left me with some wonderful memories – things I wrote down so that I wouldn’t forget them.   I shared a few pictures and figured that two or three of my friends on facebook might read about it.  I never, ever in my wildest dreams would have thought that yesterday’s post would be read by over a thousand people, almost a hundred of whom have left amazingly supportive comments and have encouraged me in countless ways.  I had no idea that these seemingly insignificant thoughts would wind up being listed as one of a handful of blog posts featured on yesterday’s WordPress “Best Of” page.  I didn’t even know what it meant to be “freshly pressed” until I googled it after several commenter’s congratulated me.

I have to admit that there is a part of me wishing I’d written something better yesterday!  Something more interesting or significant or eloquent!  Instead, the blog post that ended up being the most read article I’ve ever written was nothing more than a simple journal entry, written on the fly, about something I was proud of – a handful of moments in my life that I didn’t want to forget.

God never ceases to surprise me.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog yesterday.  I’ve read about your weight loss struggles, your race achievements and goals.  I’ve read your words of encouragement and support and I cannot WAIT to share my FULL MARATHON story with you in May!!!  I discovered why my official time was different than the time on the clock, and learned that keeping one foot off the ground would NOT have disqualified me as a “runner” in a walking race. 🙂  One kind soul even called me an athlete!  (nestorbalce, I love you for that!)  Some of you went on to read other things I’ve written, and some of you wrote to tell me I’ve inspired you in some way, and I am deeply thankful to God for that.

Your support truly overwhelms me and I sit here with tears in my eyes, reading through each comment once more, humbled by the encouragement of so many people I’ve never even met.  This has been such a long, tough journey for me… worth every second of struggle, but at times exhausting, humbling and even humiliating.  I think back to all the struggles that have landed me here, writing about something so seemingly insignificant and then thrown into the middle of such an overwhelming response.

I apologize in advance that I am not able to write everyone back, individually.  But I write this now to say “thank you” to you all.  I’m thankful to have been able to share this part of my journey with you and thankful that you took time out of your busy day to share it with me.  I look forward to more unexciting races, and more uninteresting blog posts!


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9 Responses to Next time a thousand people visit my blog, I’ll try to write something more interesting :)

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  2. maggsworld says:

    I didn’t leave a comment yesterday but as a mother of 7 who has lost and regained the same far_too_many kilos across most of a lifetime, and I spent a lot of time reading your journey and have “followed” you as a result. You are inspiring and I am walking ( half a world away) alongside you in our virtual world as I travel that same path. Thank you. For being you. For being so wondrously beautifully human, and for sharing.

    I joined BottyCamp just one week ago, and by eliminating refined sugar and flour products and excessive fat, in one week I have dropped 4.9 kilos. It is just the beginning. JUST the beginning. But like you, I will get there and I will not give up.

  3. vhhp says:

    At first I thought “why should I read this”, next started reading, got the feeling of running with you and the photo near the finish line, most of the people are just looking very casual, but just imagined your feelings at that moment. I felt as if I was near the finish line.
    Thanks a lot for your nice description.
    All the best!

  4. What you wrote was interesting and encouraging. I just looked through your portfolio and your photos are very impressive — loved those baby pictures.

  5. I read your blog post from yesterday and this one today, too. I love BOTH!!! Very inspiring as I whittle my own body back down to a more normal size–but I think the half marathon thing is a ways down the road for me. I’m currently doing a 1-mile walk DVD by Leslie Sansome and think I’m about ready to start doing it twice a day!!! Woo hoo!!! Also, I’m going to “follow” your blog. I want to keep up with you, lady!!! You’re an inspiration. I have my own blog on here at and it’s mostly about the struggles I’ve had with being unemployed for the past two and a half years and how, as a Christian, I’m learning a lot of hard and wonderful things from the experience. Since I’m also losing weight at the same time (I’d like to lose another 60 or so lbs–have lost 30 so far from my top weight), I’m going to keep track of you!!! However, for now I’ve not written anything about the weight loss experience but might after I resolve the unemployment thing. Anyway, keep up the great posts!!! Andy Rooney once said that he considered himself “one of the least important producers on television” because his specialty was light pieces. “I just wish insignificance had more stature,” he said. Well, in my book absolutely nothing is insignificant (and that’s especially true of Andy Rooney)!!! You just never know who you might inspire!!! And you’ve inspired me along the way, too! –Sara Devine

  6. skip704 says:

    You couldn’t have written anything better yesterday. You wrote from your heart, and it was inspirational. Congratulations on your achievement and the challenging goals you have set for yourself. I will follow your journey as it continues.

  7. Anitha says:

    First of all i would love to say ‘Thank you’ for an wonderful blog. I m glad to read every post.
    This is so inspirational for me..Keep posting…

  8. run4joy59 says:

    Ahh…maybe you didn’t realize that inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places…I think people are inspired by your journey, your success, your willingness to put yourself out there…I know I’m looking forward to following you as you continue on this amazing road to fitness.

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